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number one.. Just ordering my first choice scooter was supposed to be an auto moto in black. Got an email a few days later so you don't have in black

number I chose royal blue 2 almost 3 weeks went before I was told there was a part that was cry in front of the scooter for the guys sent with the part

number 3...2 or 3 weeks later I was told you guys could not sell those here because it has some damage to it that was a big repair so now I had to start overand pick a whole other scooter

number Patrick told me about one and I said I'll take it in the one I have now PST 150 19Trikke scooter aka Gemini.they took almost 3 to 4 more weeks to get it to me

number 5... When it came I did pay for the lift gate service but the company that delivers the scooter came in huge truck with no lift gate...WHAT THE FU#£.

number 6... So I went a few blocks away to hire 7 latino men that hang out at U Haul trying to get work. I got enough guys to get this big *** heavy trike off this big *** rig and big *** crate safely paid all the guy 20 dollars each on my own pocket just to get my trike off the truck even though I've requested and paid for lift get service.

then it just gets worse......?

number 7...I have no instructions on what to do when you trike was out of crate

number 8......nothing telling me were the parts were nothing saying i have to you use the key to get into the seat storage area for the rest of the parts where.

number 9...then once I started to assemble but right kind of the windshield was missing a small piece of it

number 10 ....the back part of the trike had 2 cracks in the frame

number 11... There's also one lug nut missing to a back tire

number 12... I got no owners manual don't know how to or where to add oil in the engine

number 13... Then one week later maybe two I found the 1st weld that broke of the 3 total welds that broke the first weld that broke from the frame so I then let you guys know what happened.

number 14.... And then I get the trike in for a full inspection with a guy here in San Francisco who knows Chinese scooters , paid $223.00 to make sure the trike was fineand was told it wasn't

number 15... Later that week while I was driving the right side of the scooter collapsed on me...scared the *** out of me almost caused an accident when I pulled over and saw what happened I about lost it

cannot believe what happened I mean come on what the f*** really so one of my shocks on the right side snaped broke. yes the weld on the shock the bottom part brokebecause of bad weld and cheep shock.

number 16... last thing to happen to me was the muffler crack and now it sounds like a giant lawn mower that's three welds that broken on me in less than 2 months that broken on me .

is all starthey are now after me too crazy to send it back to the manufacturer in Chino California . I have no idea how to create a trike scooter. So we'll see what happens in the next couple weeks or so I will get back to everybody and let them knowI mean I'll come back to this website and post what happened

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3200.

Preferred solution: give me a upgrade to the 300cc Zodiac for all my troubles and inconveniences .

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No offence but what did you expect buying a Chinese piece of ***? It's your own *** fault those bikes are not safe. Buy a real scooter.

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