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Posted: Mary Hagan

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Phone: 866-710-6096

We purchased a 150cc Dirt Hugger go kart on November 2010 for our boys for Christmas. We received the go kart in a timely manner, however when we received the product, someone had placed the tires and wheels on the seats before it was shipped and they left indentions and small tears in the seats. Also, the covers for the safety pads were missing, which means we cannot place them on the go kart. We contacted the company, spoke with Matt in Parts, who then wanted pictures for warranty reasons. After sending the pictures and several phone calls later, he shipped out new seats...however, they were in worse shape than the orginial ones. These seats were obiviously used for had red spray paint on them, the paint was worn off of the rails where someone had been sliding the seat back and forth and the seat rails were even bent. The invoice also stated the the covers for pads were enclosed, but they were no where to be found. We then contacted Matt again and he said he would check into it and call us back. After a week and no call, we called Matt back and he said that he couldn't do any better with the seats since these were the only ones available and that the covers are on back order. He has offered to credit us $50.00 for the seats, although it will cost us five times that to have them redone. We paid $1800 with shipping for this gift and it is still not right. I would suggest that if you are thinking about doing business with this company to reconsider. We had entertained the idea of buying the 1000cc for ourselves, but there is no way I will buy the product from this company.

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23rd of Feb, 2011 by 0 Votes

I would like to apologize for the issue's you have encountered with this order. A situation like this actually arises from the manufacturer either not packaging something correctly, or not having replacement parts available on the products that they sell. We are a wholesale company, which means that the products we sell are coming directly from the manufacturer. I remember speaking with you about this issue, and I do recall that we were able to come to a satisfactory resolution for you on this problem. We have stopped working with the manufacturer who caused these issues for you as well. We do always do our best to resolve any issues that might arise for our customers.

Thank you,

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21st of Apr, 2011 by James Dixon +3 Votes

Since Feb. of this year 2011. I have been back and forth with an ATV that i paid almost 1500 dollars for and it has never worked. I am still trying to get it to work even with all the electrical parts replaced and a bill thats over 200 dollars at a well known dealership and it still does not work. I have even asked that the unit be replaced and I get no other answer besides it can be fixed. Its something simple. Now that it is almost May my family and I have still not had the chance to ride it. It really seems that we wont with all the phone calls about a bad product and its still not resloved after this long. we have not been offered any kind of credit nor a chance to have a new unit sent and we send this one back. This was a learning experiance fr my family and I. We will consider doing more shopping with whoever sales these ATVs with all the different phone numbers that go to the same place Great Sports in Illinois and a place in Los Angelas called Saferwholesale but we cant be treated like valued customers and get sold a bad unit and looks like we will be stuck with it until... Thanks to Nick, Matt, and the rest of the crew at Saferwholesale and Great Sports Inc.

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18th of Apr, 2012 by JoyBJohson +2 Votes

3-27-12: I paid 550.00 for leather recliner by debit. Was told would receive in 9 days by customer service rep. 4-17-12: NO RECLINER. Finally got call back from tim murphy who notified me that they did not have the chair I ordered--BUT--he offered alternative:choice by e-mail only--which I still have not received on 4-18-2012. Called and demanded ALL my money back. He said he would return 100% of my money to my bank account but it would take 3-5 business days...we will see if he tells the truth THIS TIME or is lying and I have to go take legal action.!

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18th of Apr, 2012 by JoyBJohson +2 Votes

4-18-12: put my complete story on /link removed/

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29th of Apr, 2012 by JoyBJohson +1 Votes

4-30-12: NO REFUND! yet...

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26th of Feb, 2014 by DUDE12345 +1 Votes





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25th of Jul, 2014 by Gerard66 0 Votes


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25th of Jul, 2014 by Gerard66 +1 Votes

I would not recommend doing business with this company. Poor treatment and inferior merchandise. Do business at your own peril.

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1st of Sep, 2014 by Joseph Bannenberg +1 Votes



I bought a year ago a barrel sauna plus heater and accessories. After a few month I got the barrel and the the heater. A good sauna heater cost between $600 and $1000, Great Sports send me a very bad one, cost $359.

So I have to buy an other one. After a year I still don;t have the accessories for the sauna. I did it all to get the accessories, e-mails ( a few every month), phone calls, and chats. There was all the time a reason not to deliver. The best one was the last, :from Conrad: " the manufacture just haven gotten back to me". Of course, which company will trust Great Sports? Thus a asked to send me the money, to buy the accessories myself. After that I haven't heard from them. Thus I bought the accessories myself. I am tired doing business with them. They have stolen my money, remember: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY !!! Joseph/

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15th of May, 2015 by L Gomes +1 Votes

WOW! horrible customer service. I can't believe this company is still in business. I would think that the BBB of Illinois would shut them down. They sell damaged goods and give customers no options except for take it or leave it and if you return the items, we keep your money. Geraldo, the manager, who has no boss and Dan, the rep who reports to Geraldo are absolutely incredulous. No morals and no tact. Cant wait to see what claims does about this. If you want to spend good money for damaged goods, then buy from Great Sports c/o Sunright.

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21st of Oct, 2015 by Pooky 69 0 Votes

I'm amazed these guys are still in business. This appears to be my only option to get satisfaction. We purchased two go-karts for our boys and got approximately one hour run time each. We took one into the machanic on the suggestion of the parts and service department and spent an additional $600 in repairs then the go-kart broke again after 30 minutes. On one there was an oil leak and within an hour the engine had drained and seized up. The other go-kart got stuck in gear. One go-kart came with a broken headlight and missing emission hose. Parts and Service were contacted but we never received the part. The mufflers broke on both go-karts, the carborator came lose on one and almost fell off, the chain guard broke on both go-karts. Keep in mind these were run for only one hour each. Beginning January 5th we have been trying to get a refund or warranty but today we have given up. The company is designed to frustrate you to give up. There seems to be a mandatory "hold" time on the phone of about 25 minutes when you call. You are asked to email specifics and invoices but to no avail. You will not receive a response. Finally I "took over" the case as my husband is beyond frustrated with the lack of response or service. I asked to speak to a General Manager or Owner. I was told "we don't have one". I was told the various departments are set up with six managers and no one else is in charge. No company is set up this way. I asked who payed them, "payroll". Who hired you? "The owner but I can't give you his information, it's my job to help you." I told him he hasn't been able to help us and I had read the reviews online and at this point was painfully aware we would not get any satisfaction from this company. The customer service man was rude, disrespectful and continually wanted to transfer me to parts and service. He repeated told me I needed parts and service and I repeatedly told him I wanted "customer service". At one point he cut me off mid-sentence and rudely said he is transferring me anyway to parts and service. I told him, "wow, that's nice", and he responded sarcastically with, "it is nice, probably the nicest thing we will do for you." I was then put on the "mandatory hold" while waiting for parts and service. The parts and service man was patient and polite (a tough job given how many of these complaints he must deal with on a daily basis). I spoke with him about the ethics of the company he works for and that hard-working people are getting ripped off while the owner remains "hidden" and makes money. I was told they are a cheap Chinese product, and I told him that he knows that as do I (now) and the website should indicate they are a "piece of ***". After reading the reviews, our well-documented numerous contacts with this company, and my own personal experience with the Customer Service Manager, yes, he is a manager, I now know anyone who buys from this company will be at a loss and basically, "ripped off". I informed the Parts & Service Administrator that I plan on reviewing their company on as many sites as I can, because the consumer needs to be protected. What was supposed to be a great Christmas present for our sons became a disappointing and frustrating (and costly) deal.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Saferwholesale Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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