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I am so mad I would scream into the phone if I called instead of writing.

I was in Germany until May 20th from the time the scooter was delivered before Christmas 2013. It was delivered banged up with the front tire squasched and flat. We sent the photos and offered to get it fixed locally and you send an XL helmet for our expense at the scooter shop. Nothing happened and you let us down. After the scooter was in garage and I tried to use it NOW, it never started and even with a professional battery charger the battery has no charge and we jump started it to take it to Advanced Auto parts shop for testing. We landed up buying a new battery for 90$ plus tax! what about this warranty???

I went down the road with the new battery, 3 miles later the scooter accelerated for 30 yards in front of a MAC truck on stop light and the engine stayed on and it was not moving! Nearly caused a big accident and now it is parked 5 miles from home and I dont know what to do.

You are selling real Chinese *** for good money and then ignore all problems the buyers have.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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All this company does is lie, lie, lie. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM EVER, NEVER!!!!

They are on here saying they make everything right they don't!

If it was made right the person themselves reported it as fraud and go their money back. Shop local, much better off!!!!!

to Michele #826644

*got their money back

Artie S
Joliet, Illinois, United States #826216
Saferwholesale Response

All of our units come with a Standard 30 day warranty from the date of delivery. You can purchase an upgraded 6 month or 1 year warranty at the time of purchase.

Clearly being in Germany from December to May is longer than 30 days and your warranty had expired. We can still get you any parts needed from the vendor and I am sure you would not spend such high prices such as $90 for a battery. We are here to assist and although there is not much we can do about the warranty expiring prior to you getting ample use of the unit we are still here to assist you with whatever technical support or parts you may need to order. It is very common that if a battery sits uncharged longer than 5 months the cells will deplete to a point where they cannot be charged again.

That does not mean that something is wrong with the battery it simply means it was not properly cared for. I apologize for your issues you have experienced, but if you desire any further assistance feel free to email parts@saferwholesale.com directly.

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