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Terrible!!!!! We bought a scooter on may 31st.

We waited a month and a scooter never came... After calling them they said the scooter was actually not in stock. They offered us an upgrade, but by that time we did not want to give them our business. We asked for a refund, they said it would be 30 days max and here it is the end of July and still no refund.

I am out over 1000$. Not to mention I can't even get anyone to tell me where my money is or even get a hold of! Conor Williams is the one who scammed us and was no help at all. They are just glad they got the money.

I'm still doing all I can to get it back.... Don't buy here!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $1018.

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Artie S
Joliet, Illinois, United States #826313
Saferwholesale Response

I can understand your frustration, but if I get the time frame correct here it does not appear anything wrong ever took place. You placed the order May 31st and waited a month until you cancelled the order and were granted a refund.

This means we granted the refund last week of June or possibly the 1st week of July. We informed you of the 30 Business day time frame for our accounting department to cut a check and physically mail it to you. This means that by the end of July there is no possible way that the refund elapsed the time frame we had given you. Please remember Business days means weekends not included and if there are 30 days in a month and possible 5 weekends of 2 Non- Business days that means by the end of the month the most you could have been waiting was 20 business days.

We processed everything accordingly to the given time frame and you were refunded just as we had initially informed you. Your issues were amicably resolved in the given time frame initially provided to you.


Please update us on your story. I have a problem with this company too.

Made purchases for Christmas presents and what a mistake. I wish we had checked the company out first.

Lesson learned but they haven't heard the last of me. Being an attorney you would think that I would have known better *sigh*


Report this fraudulent activity to you bank or credit card company, file a police report. Very likely the bank can reverse the charges.

If you receive your product after your funds have been recovered do not let them deliver the merchandise to your home. Tell them to take it back and be prepared to for some mad salesmen from the company calling you.

Good Luck.

Russellville, Arkansas, United States #712237

You didn't state if you used a credit card, but if you did you can just report it to them that you didn't receive your merchandise. The CC company will take care of it so you won't be paying for merchandise that wasn't received or trying to get a refund. God bless you and your family.

Covington, Georgia, United States #712232

Same thing happen to me.

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